Japanese bronze eagle signed Masatsune Meiji period

Japanese bronze eagle signed Masatsune Meiji period

Code: 10207


W: 66cm (26")H: 84cm (33.1")D: 34cm (13.4")


Japanese bronze eagle with silvered body naturalistically modelled ready to take flight perched on a root wood base, with the beak, eyes and claws inlaid in shakudo and gilt signed in a rectangular reserve plaque Masatsune chū 政常鋳, Meiji period (1868-1912).

The artist Masatsune 政常 was very accomplished in birds subjects.

For other bronze birds by this artist see: 'The Golden Age of Japanese Okimono, the Dr. Kanter Collection', Laura Bordignon 2010, Metalwork no. 248.

Also see 'Meiji no Takara 明治の宝 Treasures of Imperial Japan, the D. Khalili Collection', Metalwork part II, no. 104-105.

Eagle dimensions without the rootwood base:
H 30cm (11.81" inches) x W 66cm (25.98" inches)