Japanese inlaid bronze vase signed Miyabe Atsuyoshi Meiji period

Japanese inlaid bronze vase signed Miyabe Atsuyoshi Meiji period

Code: 10224


W: 9.5cm (3.7")H: 28.2cm (11.1")


Japanese inlaid bronze vase with a slender neck finely worked in shakudo, silver and copper applied on the shoulder with a snail crawling over a bamboo stem signed with chiselled characters on the side Atsuyoshi saku 篤良作 (made by Atsuyoshi) and on the base Kyoto, Miyabe zo 京都, 宮部造 (made by Miyabe, Kyoto) Meiji period (1868-1912).

The tomobako wood storage box inscribed: Miyabe Atsuyoshi, a metal artist of the Otsuki School, Kyoto. He studied under Sasayama Tokuoki who died in 1891 and taught many other students including Miyabe Atsuyoshi and Kano Natsuo 京都(大月派, 宮部篤良. 明治年.師:篠山篤興:加納夏雄, 篤OO13名の弟子いる:装身具を作った人, 明治24年十二月十日没.

The artist Miyabe Atsuyoshi 宮部篤良 was a master bronze smith who lived in Kyoto. He exhibited domestically and internationally at the turn of the twentieth century and at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904.

He is recorded in Wakayama Takeshi 若山猛, Kinko jiten 金工事典 (Dictionary of Metalworkers), Tokyo, Token Shunju Shinbunsha 刀剣春秋新聞社, 1999, p.1141, as a maker of sword- fittings and a pupil of Shinoyama Tokuoki (1813-1891), active in Kyoto during the late Edo period and early Meiji era. 


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