Japanese silver hawk signed Miyasaka Kazuyoshi Taishō period

Japanese silver hawk signed Miyasaka Kazuyoshi Taishō period

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W: 52cm (20.5")H: 33cm (13")D: 33.3cm (13.1")


Japanese silver hawk perched on a bronze paulownia tree branch the details in shakudo and gold signed in a shibuichi plaque Miyasaka Kazuyoshi 宮坂一美 on an oval black lacquer base, with tomobako wood storage box inscribed Kane, kotori, okimono (small okimono bird) bearing label of the Shobido Company-Yodoyabashi shop in Osaka 大阪, 淀屋橋, 尚美堂, Taishō period 1912-1926.

The paulownia is considered a sacred tree and a symbol of good luck. Aristocratic families traditionally planted the paulownia, also known as the Empress tree, at the birth of a girl. Today the stylised paulownia is the emblem of the prime minister’s office and is also used on the Order of the Rising Sun and honour awarded to people who have given distinguished service to the state.

The artist Miyasaka Kazuyoshi is listed on page 632 in the ‘Index of Japanese swords fittings and associated artists’ by Robert E. Haynes.

The Shobido Company was founded in 1900 at Yodoyabashi, central of Osaka City by Eikichiro Eto who handled fine jewelry, silverware, precious metals, clocks and watches.

Silver hawk dimensions withour black lacquer base:
H 26cm (10.23" in.) x W 42cm (16.53" in.) x D 22cm (8.66" in.)


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