Japanese silver incense burner signed Tsusetsu Taishō period

Japanese silver incense burner signed Tsusetsu Taishō period

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W: 12cm (4.7")H: 17cm (6.7")

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Japanese inlaid silver incense burner (koro) worked in gold, silver, shakudo and shibuichi, with roosters, hens and chicks supported on three feet in the form of demon masks. The pierced cover decorated with a cluster of gilt chrysanthemum blossoms and a rooster finial, paulownia handles on either side, signed in a seal Tsusetsu 津雪 and Gin mark 銀 (silver), Taishō period (1912-1926).

The tomobako wood storage box inscribed Ginsei, kinkeicho, koro, Tsusetsu saku, with seal Tsusetsu 銀製, 金鶏鳥香爐, 津雪作 seal 津 雪 (silver koro with golden chickens made by Tsusetsu with seal). The artist Tsusetsu 津雪(born 1872- died 1932) had a studio in Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture.

Reference: see a similar koro design but by Katsuhide 'Meiji no takara 明治の宝 Treasure of Imperial Japan, the D. Khalili Collection', Kibo Foundation 1995, Metalwork Part I, no.9.

Also see 'Shoami Katsuyoshi no kenkyu' Asahara Ken, Tokyo 1987 no. 263 and no. 313.
And Rokusho Magazine Volume 32 pg. 29 koro by Shoami Katsuyoshi 'The Kyoto Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum Collection'.

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