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Japanese wood carving of a Shinto priest signed Choshun Shōwa period

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W: 17cm (6.7")H: 38cm (15")D: 15cm (5.9")

Japanese wood carving of a Shinto priest (kannushi 神主) wearing eboshi,
a traditional formal headwear signed in carved characters Choshun saku
朝春作, Shōwa period 1930.

The hakogaki tomobako wood storage box bearing inscription: Kami no niwa no ochiba 神苑の落葉 (fallen leaves at a Shinto shrine garden) and Showa gonen shinshun, Choshun saku, with a seal Choshun 昭和五年新春, 朝春作, with a seal 朝春 (made by Choshun, in the early spring of Showa 5 (1930).

The artist Matsuo Choshun (1885-1930) was born in Fukuoka prefecture and studied wood carving under Yamasaki Choun (1867-1954). He was awarded a special prize (tokusen) at the Teiten exhibition in 1925.

In 1929 he was appointed judge at the Teikoku Bijutsu-in (Imperial Art Academy).