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Japanese silver gourd vase signed Hojo and Chorakusai Shōwa period


Code: 10165


W: 14.8cm (5.8")H: 28cm (11")Di: 10cm (3.9")

Japanese silver gourd vase decorated with a beetle climbing a paulownia leaf (kiri 桐) among flowers signed Hojo 芳乗 with a round seal Toshu 藤州 and under the base 
Chorakusai 長禾斎 with Jungin mark 純銀 (silver) original black wood stand, Shōwa period circa 1945.

The hakogaki tomobako wood storage box bearing inscription: 
Nanryo, hisago-gata kabin 南鐐, 瓢形花瓶 (made of silver, a flower vessel in a shape of a gourd).
Reverse lid with a presentation inscription: Zo, Fujita rijicho dono, Showa nijunu-nen, shichigatsu, Banshu ori kogyo kyodo kumiai 贈, 藤田理事長殿. 昭和二十二年七月, 播州織工業協同組合 (to Chairman Fujita from Banshu Textile Industry Association, July of Showa 22).

The artist Ando Hojo was born in 1910 in Kagoshima Prefecture. In 1934 he graduated from the Metal engraving Art Department (Chokin) of the Tokyo University of Fine Art.

The beetle in Japanese art is a good omen, symbolic of abundance and good fortune coming into your life, and because it is linked with the hearth is a reminder to stay grounded and strong in your beliefs.